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Should Businesses Have a Website? Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Website

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a business’ success. One common and important element to its success is its advertising. Informing the public that such business exists can take time and quite some money. It is important for business to promote their products or services for a fairly good return of investment. A common way in advertising a product is developing its own website.


Some businesses are eager to spend money in having their business running online. Most businesses nowadays have their own website. For some which cannot afford a web development company, having a page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be a good start. It is free and very popular among many today. The question now is: Should businesses have their own website. Of course! Having your own site online brings convenience to prospect customers. However, entrepreneurs should also know that building your own business website has its pros and cons.


  • Easy connection among customers/better networking

With websites, it is easier to reach your target clients. Distance is not an issue since you can exchange emails at any time or anywhere. Delivering products can be done through different courier services. Websites can be advertised in social media networks; hence, this will increase people who can be interested in your business. As more and more people know this website, the increase in sales is sure to follow. Hence, people like using the website for shopping since it is convenient and very easy to use.

  • Convenient working hours

As an entrepreneur, you will not have to wake up early mornings to receive calls from customers asking about your product. Through websites, you can post what your business is about, how it started, the variety of products or services you offer, order forms, and even a corner where clients can send message regarding any queries. Whether you are at home or on vacation, having these orders done is possible.


  • Traffic build up

You need to have a good team who can increase your traffic. Once the traffic goes down, the sales are affected which is not good to your company. To have this up and running, you need to have people working, checking, and updating you with the status of your business. These people are professionals; hence, they charge pretty high.

  • Impersonal approach to customers

Some customers prefer having their complaints answered face-to-face than have a customer service representative on the phone. People feel less confident to business that just sends email as a response to feedback on their products. To avoid this, it would be much better to drop a personal call to the customer or meet them online or personally if possible.

Though the Internet has brought a lot of convenience to mankind, let us not forget that it can still have its drawbacks. To avoid such, plan carefully in building up your website. Get people who know what they are doing and are professionals on their field.


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