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Do We Need Technical Expertise To Do SEO?

Technical proficiency – this makes a SEO specialist stand out. SEO or search engine optimization has long been helping websites to increase their traffic online. SEO makes it possible for a website to reach top search pages through different strategies and techniques. With this in mind, being a SEO specialist needs vast technical knowledge. This could be true in the past; however, today, even basic knowledge on how to use the Internet is already enough to learn how to do SEO.

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In the recent years, individuals do not necessarily need to have experience in doing SEO. Of course, it is still helpful for one to understand coding and stuff. Yet, generally, modern SEO has become easier. A recent study shows that Google’s algorithm in ranking websites can be simplified as a website that can bring good user experience. This means Google looks at how navigational and convenient your website to explore for the users. This certainly includes the quality of the content of your website. How satisfying your website can offer will surely bring more clients which means increase in traffic. Now, the question is: how can you make people happy with your website?

  • User-friendly website navigation

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website yet it takes a gazillion years to load on a user’s browser, no user will ever visit your website again. Information that the user needs should be readily available. The website should be fast to load on both a desktop computer and mobile.

  • Rich content

Ranking your website depends on how relevant and legitimate it is according to the searched information. Create content that is interesting, engaging, and most of all, relevant to what your target market looks for. When making your content, be sure that it is free from any grammatical errors.

  • Link building

Your website’s reputation is very important. When you have reached building your authority online, start building relationships with other websites or even blogs. The link you have made will help you get more traffic. What makes other website trust yours? It is the content that you have. The inbound links are counted as vote by Google that contributes to your site’s credibility and authority.

Twitter and Facebook are two social media networks that are popular in today’s generation. Creating pages on these puts your brand in a great advantage. The number of likes or shares on these pages gain you traffic. The more engaging your pages on these pages, the more people are hyped in checking your page. It is also easier to communicate with your target market with these social media pages. You can address complaints and even thank people for their compliments on your brand. The comments people make on your social media account can be used for your assessment whether your products, services, or campaigns are successful or not. Also, building a strong network in social media allows your website to gain more authority in your field.

Knowing a little about writing good content will take your further in the field of SEO. Unlike before, hardcore knowledge is good but not totally ideal when doing SEO. All you need to know is information on what your target market is interested in and how to keep them loyal to your brand.


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