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Have your users ever had that “back button” impulse? Well, here is a fact: compelling design improves visitor perception of your website. The web users of today want to get entertained and involved and the best solution is, parallax. It provides a dynamic experience for the web users to stave off boredom and it is the best way to wrangle their short attention spans. Want more details? Just sit back and relax as we explain this revolutionary design element’s winning traits and how it is re-shaping the web.


What is Parallax (Website) Exactly?

Parallax (Website) or parallax scrolling is a web design technique that involves background and foreground images to move at varying speeds when a user scrolls. In particular, the 2D scene effect is created when the background of a web page moves at a different speed from the rest of the elements when you scroll. Here is a sample on how it is done.

Parallax can be implemented in various ways:

  • Raster Parallax, which is mostly used to give an optical illusion of movement.
  • Repeat Pattern, which uses scrolling displays over a repeated background.
  • Layered Parallax, where the foreground and background objects move at a different pace.
  • Or, the simple Sprite Method.

Is Parallax a New Technique?

Nope, not exactly. This technique has been around since 1930s and has been applied in various applications. Most notably, parallax scrolling was extensively seen in the 80s 8-bit video games and is still widely used in gaming applications to create 2-dimensional side scrolling effects but has only gained popularity within the web design arena in recent years since it was only during 2011 when web designers began incorporating it using HTML5 and CSS3.

Great examples of parallax scrolling can be found on this page.

Why Use Parallax on Your Site?

Without a doubt, parallax can greatly add visual appeal to your website if properly implemented. Here is why you ought to use it.

  • Instantly wow website visitors with some nice effects and animation.
  • Guide your visitors through the different parts of the site in an engaging way.
  • Increase time spent on your website since most visitors will scroll through to the bottom of the page until the animations end.
  • Catch visitors’ attention in a powerful way.
  • Easily direct visitors wherever you want them to go.

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