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How to Improve Your Personal Brand on Search Engines?

What else do you need after setting up a great website with powerful content? What you need to do now is for your personal brand to be seen in the market. You have got to create a name in your industry to build good online reputation. With this digital age where everything is right everybody’s fingertips, different search engines are utilized by online users to find things that they need or want in the web.

search engine ranking improvement

Since the competition in your market is tough and everyone is right under each other’s throat, creating your unique personal brand will set you apart from the rest. Yet, how will you possible do this amidst the competition? To get ahead and improve your personal brand, here are a few suggestions to take your online reputation three steps forward.

  • Have an online resume. What do online resumes do? Just like applying for a job, an online resume will detail information about you – about the person behind a brand. Uploading or posing an online resume will build credibility to your personal brand. Such websites can include your achievements, educational background and even a track record of your career. Here you can highlight the good points about you that will make your target customers persuaded with what you have to offer.
  • Do a research. You could have posted online that somehow caused a stir or could put you on a negative light. Make sure that the first 50 links to your name sounds positive and promising. We do not want your personal brand to be affected with a stupid re-tweet or post from any of your social media accounts.
  • Always secure your domain name. Some names are unique while others are shared by almost millions. Your domain should be yours alone so make it a priority to buy it as early as possible. is no longer available, at least get .net or a .org. Having your own domain makes it easier to grow online as you inch your way up the search engine results.
  • Use the power of videos. Create an infomercial about you and your brand. Talk about your background or anything interesting yet relevant about yourself. You have to make sure that the quality of the video is crystal as viewers want crisp videos when watching.
  • Learn to use your networks. Creating strong relationship online is one of the secret in improving your personal brand. Any industry can take advantage of social media networks. These are great avenues for people to locate you and know your products or services. Update your social media accounts as often as possible to let your followers become more interested about you. Getting their attention is the key.
  • Start a blog. In blogging, you can create your personal identity. Writing information about you and the things you are offering will gain you followers and online credibility. However, be sure to have your blog updated frequently to keep your reader’s interest about you.

To improve personal brand, you have to let the people know a slice of your life. The achievements and career success stories impress your target audience. As a result, they keep coming for more from you improving your online presence and eventually building strong online presence.


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