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Web Design: Its Importance Based on Audience, Purpose and Content

To some, it is just colors . . . it is just where sections should be placed . . . it is just a logo . . . it is just the font style and sizes. Contrary to these notions, web design is not just about how you want your website to look like.

web design services

Web design refers to the conceptualization of the overall appearance of a website, including its layout, interface, color schemes, navigation, graphics, font styles, etc. It uses programming languages like HTML and CSS. Simply put, everything that you see on a particular website can be attributed to web design. Do not be confused with web design and web development; web design is a subset of web development. (e.g., Web development companies offer web design services.)

Here are three factors which explain the importance of investing in good web design services:

  • Audience

Who is your target audience? Knowing who your target audience is can help you determine which color scheme to use on your website. For instance, your audience is composed of early to middle-aged professionals. Instead of being experimental and colorful on your scheme, you might as well go for the “crisp,” like black and white, navy and cream, earth colors, etc.—shades that exude excellence, success, expertise, among others. Meanwhile, you may use pastel colors to show feminity, if your target audience is composed of mainly women.

  • Purpose

What is your purpose of putting up a website? Is it to inform or to sell? If you want to know what other’s think of your posts, consider adding a comment box or section where they can leave their feedback. If you are selling products or offering services, you must ensure that site visitors can easily access buttons should they decide to take action (e.g., purchase, inquire, return, etc.).

Navigation plays a vital role in this factor. Regardless whether your purpose is to let the world know what you wore to a specific event or to promote your product. What is important is that your website has a responsive web design. It is a must that people can access your website on whatever device they are using. How else can you get your message across when your site will not load on mobile phones and tablets?

  • Content

How is content relevant to your site’s web design? Everything that appears on your website involves web design. Think of the content you post as an extension of your website’s profile. It implicitly describes what the site is all about. Avoid posting irrelevant content as it may confuse readers or potential customers.

Web design is more than just the look that you want to achieve for your website. It reflects the owner’s or the business’s personality. Consider it as a platform where readers form their impressions about you (or your business) and it determines what their following actions would be—leave or subscribe.

Although web development companies charge a hefty amount, depending on your site’s customization, for web design services, it is recommended that you take advantage of it. Consider it as an investment.


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