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Live Streaming Developments in 2016

Live streaming underwent a lot of significant developments in 2016.

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Numerous industries have acknowledged its benefits as a real-time online broadcasting instrument. News organizations and government bodies have used it to document and disseminate monumental events. Likewise, the entertainment and business industries have embraced its potential as a social media marketing tool. In fact, social media optimization specialists have already begun including live streaming in their online sales strategies.

Competitions among online companies have also been brewing. Social media applications have actively started competing in offering real-time broadcasting services to their users. Most added special twists to their live stream options to emphasize their originality. Meanwhile, social media optimization experts are constantly redesigning their marketing strategies to fit each new development.

To highlight these developments, here are some of the social media companies that added live streaming functions to their features in 2016:

Instagram Live
Launched: November 21, 2016

live intragram.jpg

Details: Instagram’s live streaming option shares features with Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat. It emphasizes privacy with its no-save format to prevent viewers from downloading copies of a live stream video. It also allows users to give comments and messages that automatically disappear once the receiver reads them.


YouTube Live
Launched: June 24, 2016


Details: YouTube was no stranger when it comes to live streaming. The Google-owned company broadcasted the Royal Wedding in 2011 after all. The video-sharing website allows its mobile users to go live anytime and anywhere. Notably, Google’s live stream function “Hangouts On Air” officially transferred from Google+ to YouTube Live on September 12, 2016.


Tumblr Live (video support)
Launched: June 21, 2016


Details: Tumblr did not launch a new live streaming platform. Instead, the microblogging application directly integrated established mediums like YouTube, YouNow, Upclose, and Kanvas into their website. Users can broadcast their real-time videos using any of the mentioned platforms.


Facebook Live
Launched: April 6, 2016


Details: The most popular social media application in the world finally added a live streaming function that everyone can enjoy. Facebook Live lets people broadcast their real-time videos to their chosen chat group. Users can also go live on special events. For instance, those who cannot attend a birthday celebration can tune in on the events real time. The company first launched the feature on August 5, 2015, but only accessible to celebrities.


Periscope (Twitter)
Launched: March 13, 2015


Details: Though Periscope has been running since 2015, it deserves a spot for being one of the first live stream specialized applications to pop up.  Twitter officially announced its acquisition on March 13, 2015. The company bought the start-up platform in January of the same year. Since then, Periscope continues to develop special features for their users to enjoy regularly.

One by one, social media companies are integrating live streaming into their features. More and more users are using these applications to document their daily lives. Thus, social media marketing specialists are including these online broadcast advancements in their sales strategies. Different industries that rely on mass media also utilize real-time online broadcasting for their various agendas.


Without a doubt, live streaming has changed and will continue to change the Internet’s communication boundaries.


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