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Blogging Basics: How to Set Up a Blog

Nowadays, everyone is hooked to the web. Everything is now accessible online. What usually takes hours to accomplish is now only a click away.  If you are planning to make your business known or are looking for a medium to air your thoughts, then blogging can
help you.

What is a blog? A blog refers to a web page where someone writes and posts his/her views about certain issues, stories, experiences and whatnots.  He or she may discuss these things in a formal or informal manner.


Here are some quick steps on setting up a blog:

  1. Identify the content that you will publish on your blog. It is recommended that you focus on a general category that you want your blog to be identified with. Doing so allows you to tap a wider audience. For example, writing reviews. “Reviews” is a general topic, but you can categorize each post whether it is a music review, movie review, book review, TV series review, etc. Another example is writing about fashion. Instead of posting only the details of your “outfit of the day” or OOTD, you can also post relevant topics like “face of the day” or FOTD (showcasing your makeup skills), “shoes of the day” or SOTD and more.
  2. Choose a blogging platform. There are two common blogging platforms that you may want to consider: WordPress and Blogger. These platforms come in free and paid versions. (Access and usage limitations apply especially when availing free versions.) Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages. In weighing your options, consider which is more user-friendly since you are a beginner.
  3. Choose a web host. One of the features of enlisting the services of a web host, which means availing the paid version, is having your own domain name (e.g., yourname.com). In free versions, your web address or URL appears as “yourname.wordpress.com” or “myblog.blogspot.com.” Do not limit yourself from the web hosts mentioned here. There are web development companies that also offer hosting services. You may want to consider them as they can present something other well-known web development companies do not offer.
  4. Design your page. Blogging platforms offer free and premium templates. As mentioned earlier, free versions are usually limited. For instance, you cannot change the full layout of the page and its color scheme. Consider going for the premium templates or employing web design services to ensure that your page’s overall look reflects the author’s personality (you) and its content.
  5. Use credible sources for blogging. Though most blogs are subjective in nature, it is still important that your content is accurate, especially when relating something factual. Avoid using secondary sources (e.g., other blogs). Keep in mind that publishing or citing inaccurate information can destroy or diminish your blog’s credibility.
  6. Be consistent in posting content. Develop time intervals as to how often you are going to publish content and how many. See to it that there is a follow through. Readers frequent a blog that publishes new content daily.
  7. Always offer something new. What makes your site different from other sites that publish the same content? To widen your pool of readers, you may want to veer away from the usual trends in content. Aside from merely discussing “what’s hot,” try to inject your insights regarding the topic, whether you agree or disagree. How long do you think this fashion trend will last? Do you think J.K. Rowling should publish another Harry Potter book?

In conclusion, it is really easy to set up a blog. If you are wondering how you can maximize your preferred platform or web host, you can always ask for an expert opinion by getting in touch with web development companies that cater to hosting and web design services.


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