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Four Common Web Design Issues

How many websites do you think are created and launched daily? What makes these sites successful? Is it the design? A number of engagements? Content? Web development companies will tell you that all of these are contributing factors to a site’s success. Well, they are right. They will also warn you of possible problems that may arise with poor web design practices, such as the following:

  1. Browser compatibility11701262 - colorful internet browser

Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are some of the popular browsers people use. This poses a challenge for web designers as they have to ensure that a website works perfectly fine in whatever browser a user chooses to access it.

Nowadays, websites showcase unique designs and features to attract visitors. Web designers must ensure that these elements are fully functional and supported by any browser. (Take note that these browsers also come with differing versions.) So when you avail of web design services, have the designer explain to you whether your vision for the site is attainable.

  1. Content (visual and text) layout
    17568237 - media  word collage

Content should not only be appealing; it should also be intelligible. Textual information must be readable. It is suggested to use a print font style than an italicized one. This is to ensure that viewers can read the content you have posted. Meanwhile, in publishing visual information, make sure that images like charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, etc. do not overlap.

It is encouraged to take note of design trends. However, you must take several factors (e.g., visitors, brand, content, etc.) into consideration before incorporating these trends into your website’s overall look, which reflects your brand’s identity.

If you are contemplating on enlisting web design services, do not just dictate to the designer how you want your website to look. Work side by side with him/her to keep scenarios like those mentioned above from happening.

  1. Device suitability
    set of stylish, modern, modern electronic technology. four devic

You are probably aware of responsive web design and its importance on amassing visitors and enhancing user experience. Nowadays, most users access websites through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and you should consider this aspect in designing your website.  For instance, hover functions may work well in computers and laptops but not in small gadgets like smartphones. Another thing to consider is the bandwidth. (Data providers and subscriptions are key players too.) Imagine this scenario: What usually takes 3 seconds to load on a computer will take about 15 seconds to load on a smartphone in a secluded area. As a result, users leave your website to look for another one that loads faster.

Be cautious of what you put in your website (images, videos, GIFs, texts, etc.) as it would take a time to load.

  1. Screen resolutions
    Screen settings rounded square flat icons

Have you noticed how some pages appear stretched when you are trying to view them via tablets or smartphones? This turns off users, especially when they have to adjust the page size to a smaller one, thus making it difficult to read. A web designer should make sure that a website is fully functional and looks good when access on any screen. Thus, he/she must be familiar with various gadget specifications, especially resolutions.

Considering all the things mentioned above, putting up a website is not as easy as signing up in WordPress or Blogger and choosing a design template.  You have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to ensure that everything will go as planned. Though consulting with web development companies and availing their services is the best option, it is highly recommended that you get involved in the process, in every activity. After all, it is YOUR site and it reflects your brand.


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