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Stages of the Creative Process

Here are the stages that can help web designers further understand the creative process.

Creative designing entails harnessing ideas and utilizing imagination to produce an artistic composition, sketch, outline and other similar materials. It is essential for websites since creative layouts attract visitors to explore their content.

Creative Process Creativity Design Innovation Imagination Concep

Web development companies often charge a hefty amount for web design services not only because these affect site visitors’ impression and determine their next action(s) but also for web design’s meticulous creative process.

To help you understand the creative process, here are its five stages:

1.) Preparation – This is where you set goals and engage in information gathering. You can either conduct research through books, the web or brainstorming with others.

2.)  Incubation – This is the stage where you make sense of information you gathered. Eliminate irrelevant details and synthesize those that are essential to your project or idea.

3.)  Illumination – This is the stage where ideas ripened— the “light bulb” or the “Aha!” moment. During this stage, you finally know what you want to achieve.

4.) Evaluation – This stage is where the “mains” and “subs” are assessed.  During this process, analyze whether your ideas are in line with your objective(s) or attainable. You can also ask for others’ suggestions, feedback or assistance.

5.) Implementation – This is the final stage of the creative process. It is where your ideas are slowly coming to life after being challenged in the evaluation stage.

Young hopefuls can benefit from observing the stages of the creative process. Who knows, they may soon be working in web development companies that offer web design services? Then again, do not limit yourself from the stages presented here. If you feel like after the Preparation stage you can jump to Evaluation, go ahead as long as you have a clear vision of where you want your project to go.


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