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Web Design Tricks: Applying the Psychology of Color

Color plays a fundamental role in web design. As an online entrepreneur, there must be consistency and meaning in your chosen color theme. It is crucial that you select a color scheme that not only attracts potential clients but also embodies your brand personality well. To achieve uniformity, many web design and development company align a business website’s overall palette to its respective brand logo hues.  To instill substance, however, requires the skillful application of the psychology of color.

Understanding the Psychology of Color  by Web Design and Development Company

Explosion of colored powder on white background

Ever noticed how you automatically feel a positive shift in your mood whenever you encounter vibrant hues? Or how feelings of melancholy can creep on you during somber rainy days?

Studies show that color holds a significant influence on a person’s emotions and perceptions. The brain assigns a different reaction to each hue depending on their shade and vibrancy. Once it figures out the color’s meaning, the mind sends out signals to the endocrine system to stimulate the production of the appropriate hormonal response.  Bright colors encourage feel-good hormones, whereas dark hues can generate mood fluctuations.

Applying the Psychology of ColorRainbow of Acrylic Ink in Water. Color Explosion

Color, when applied correctly, can have a positive impact on your business sales. More than just a design tool, color can also bolster a company’s search engine and social media optimization campaigns. Excellent web design and development company advise strategies to integrate color into their online ventures efficiently.

To provide a comprehensive overview, here are some of the most popular colors in online design, their corresponding meanings and how they can affect your potential client’s purchasing mindset.

  • Red is a vibrantly magnetic color. It is associated with powerful concepts such as love and passion, power and danger, war and blood. It captures attention efficiently.  Its psychological effects include the stimulation of the digestive system, the elevation of the heart rate and blood pressure and the enhancement of the viewer’s enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Orange is the combination of the colors red and yellow. As such, it possesses the energy inherent in the former as well as the exuberance innate in the latter. Orange is connected with stimulation, happiness, creativity, playfulness and attraction. As a citrus hue, it can enhance mental activity and generate appetite. Though it does not have the same intensity as red, it can still make a brand stand out.
  • Yellow is an honest hue that evokes happiness. It does not have as many variations as other hues. Yellow’s incandescence generates cheerfulness, enthusiasm, optimism and warmth. Its psychological effects include the stimulation of cognitive processes and the enhancement of the nervous system. However, despite its positive implications, it is used moderately in branding and web design as its brightness can strain the eye.
  • Green is nature’s soothing color. It is the most relaxing color for the eye. Green represents life, fertility, harmony, peace, safety and health. Depending on its shade, it can evoke different meanings. For instance, dark green is connected with greed, aqua green is associated with healing and yellow-green is associated with sickness.
  • Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. Traditionally perceived as a masculine color, blue is connected with concepts like stability, safety, tranquility, intellect, trust, loyalty and commitment. As it evokes professionalism and confidence, blue is one of the most used colors by corporate industries and government agencies. It also has notable calming effects on the mind and metabolism.
  • Purple is the combination of red and blue. It represents a balance between the intensity of red and the tranquility of blue. Purple is associated with royalty, dignity, wealth and luxury. It generates creativity, evokes spirituality and relaxes the body and mind.

Colors have a subtle but powerful impact on your online business ventures. Its effective application on your web design and social media optimization campaigns can boost not only your ROI but also your brand’s web authority.


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