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Flat Design: Timeless Trend or Short-term Fad?

Flat design has become one of the most prominent theme approaches utilized by web designers. Unlike other online designs that integrate creative elements generously, it evokes minimalism with its exclusion of textures and lighting effects.

Since the release of Windows 8 in 2012 and iOS 7 in 2013, companies providing web design services have adapted the style. Over time, flat design became a global trend as many websites, computer programs and mobile phones embraced the simplistic theme.

web design 2

However, given its minimalist approach to web design, can flat design keep up with the ever-changing trends and continuous developments in the online landscape?

The Foundations of Flat Design

According to a report in 2013, 68 percent of web experts agree that flat design has a long-term impact on the industry. The study was conducted by a web-based usability testing engine, Usabilla.

Web design and development company consider the following principles when applying flat design:

web design 3

Minimalistic Theme – It emphasizes white space, sharp edges, vivid colors and clean lines. Flat design stays true to the saying “less is more,” seldom utilizing artistic components such as animations, 3D effects and UI elements. The graphics integrated by web designers are carefully selected to showcase meaning and simplicity simultaneously.

Simplicity – Clarity and on-point design are some of the hallmarks of flat design. When it comes to this layout theme, web designers show great restraint in applying creative elements. Basic shapes are favored while decorative tools are disregarded. Every detail they integrate must serve a purpose.

Color – This is one of the more flexible components of flat design. Although monotone color palettes and other discreet combinations usually utilize flat design, some web design services providers use vibrant hues when creating a design. It is all about selecting the colors that appeal to a brand’s target market.

Typography – Font styles are powerful tools in setting a website design’s mood. Some companies hire web design services providers to customize a font style to fit their brand agenda. In flat design, Sans Serif typefaces are typically used as it contrasts well with simple backgrounds. Web designers manipulate the font weight to emphasize clickable options.

Visual Hierarchy – Due to its minimalist approach, most users experience difficulty in distinguishing distinct graphic elements in flat design. Most web design services providers counter this drawback by establishing a visual hierarchy via color variation and weight emphasis.

In this digital era, what is trending today may be outdated tomorrow. One of the keys to online success lies in the utilization of a timeless and functional web design.  Think long-term when selecting your site’s theme. Never sacrifice functionality and user experience for transitory site trends.


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