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Applying On-point Typography to Web Design

Whether you own a budding business or a thriving enterprise, it is crucial that you make the most out of today’s digital marketing platforms. Quality SEO services can take your search engine rank to new heights. Hence, hiring a competitive SEO company is one of the surefire ways to elevate online brand authority.

Aside from partnering with an exceptional SEO company, tailoring your website’s aesthetic elements to your target audience can also attract and increase potential clients. Customized visual qualities – from your site theme and color scheme to your embedded graphics and design choice – highlights your brand personality. Moreover, optimizing certain design elements can also boost your search engine ranking. Securing an SEO services provider that also specializes in web design services will definitely prove advantageous for your online marketing ventures.

Powerful website visual elements are not always congruent to bold colors and vibrant images. Sometimes, the on-point optimization of subtle details can trump intricate designs.

Typography and Web Design  

typography in web design

Typography is a marriage between text and art. It is how a word looks and how it is arranged. Before they delve into the contents of your web page, visitors automatically take in how a website looks in general – and that includes the arrangement and appearance of its text.

While it may seem like a trivial detail in your overall web design, the way you present your textual contents affect your viewership and site traffic. Critical netizens can backtrack and leave your page if they find your choice of font and layout lacking.

Using Typography to highlight your brand

The-Impact-of-Typography-on-Web-DesignOn-point typography is an essential element of an excellent web design. Applied strategically and it can define your brand, signal messages, guide viewer’s eyes, emphasize key points, and structure content.

Consider the following factors when you incorporate typography into your web design:

  • Typeface and Font styles – The former refers to a group of letters, numbers, and characters that feature the same design while the latter refers to a style under a typeface featuring a specific size, weight, and flair. Mix and match these two elements tastefully to reflect your brand personality and add meaning or emphasis to your textual content.
  • Font size – Size definitely matters in typography. Consider your web platform before assigning font dimensions – especially if you are going to establish a template for your textual content. Manipulate font measurements creatively to highlight points and convey emotion.
  • Spacing – Acknowledge not only the distance of the paragraphs in your textual content but also that the spaces between lines (leading) and between letters and characters (kerning). While these details may seem inconsequential on their own, their impact on your website’s overall aesthetics and readability is evident. On-point application of white or negative space can also do wonders in balancing your page composition.

Make every detail in your web design count. Blend text and art strategically with typography to elevate not only your website aesthetics but also your online marketing campaign.


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