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Quick Guide to Big Data

Big data refers to massive data acquired from various disciplines that are used to support and further information across multiple resources in the digital landscape. A digital marketing company relies on big data to build up and maintain a website’s online visibility.

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you partner with an online marketing company that can not only help you manage your website but can also enhance your company’s digital business ventures.  Find an online marketing company that knows how to maximize big data’s potential to bolster your web visibility and brand authority.

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According to the IBM, there are approximately 2.7 zettabytes of data in the world. All these data can be classified into three categories:

  • Structured Data – Typically found in data repositories such as data warehouses and enterprise solutions. Structured data pertains to massive amount of highly organized information.
  • Unstructured Data – Generated from various applications, unstructured data refers to the vast amount of raw information in the web that has not yet been processed into more meaningful and user-friendly format.
  • Semi-structured Data – The category that falls between structured and unstructured data, semi-structured data includes user-generated data, location-type data, and social media data.

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Since big data are classified as quantifiable entities that can contribute to optimization efforts, an excellent digital marketing company should know how to use big data for the enhancement of web content. Here is how big data influence SEO results.

  • With big data, a digital marketing company can easily pinpoint the information needed to bolster a website’s online visibility. It also improves access to infrastructures necessary for large data set analysis.
  • Translating website content into data helps search engines like Google crawl your information, assess your content’s relevance, and possibly elevate your site’s place in the search results.
  • Strategic usage of big data lets SEO specialists monitor keyword optimization efforts, determine the most efficient on-page optimization techniques, and other SEO-boosting practices.

Experts believe that big data will continue to change the digital landscape in the future. Avail excellent online marketing company services and align your website with latest big data optimization trends and developments.


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