Pay Per Click

PPC Basics: What is Quality Score?

Everyone wants instant results. PPC advertising services were designed to generate direct and actual accounts of development that allow easy monitoring and tracking for better online marketing strategies. Thus, it is imperative to invest in PPC advertising agency that has been tried-and-tested in transforming websites to a profitable avenue.

Understanding PPC and Quality Score


In obtaining PPC advertising services, it is crucial to bank on the basics of PPC to avoid common mistakes. It is imperative to know how PPC advertising services can maximize your ROI.

Quality scores highly influence the cost and impact of your PPC campaigns. It is Google’s way of rating the target keywords and PPC ads based on relevance and quality. Quality score is used to determine the cost per click of your advertisement, and to identify your ad rank in the auction process depending on some factors including:

  • click-through rate;
  • keyword relevance to ad group;
  • quality and relevance of the landing page;
  • ad text relevance; and
  • historical AdWords account performance.


Higher click-through rates send a signal to Google that your ads are relevant and useful to users. When Google notices the number of your ad click, you will be rewarded with higher ad rankings and lower costs. Keep in mind that higher Quality Score is associated with a lower cost per conversion –how much you pay for each action such as signing up for premium versions or purchasing your products and services.

Increasing Quality Score

Quality Score determines ad placement – or where and how will the ads appear in the search results. Thus, Quality Score optimization is essential in targeting increased ROI.

  • Keyword research- It is significant always to perform thorough research to determine which relevant keywords rank in your industry and what your target clients use when searching for pertinent products and services. Optimized keywords and key phrases increase the chances of incurring site traffic.
  • Keyword organization- Organize your keywords based on relevance to an ad group.
  • Ad text refinement- Be sure always to perform tests before full implementation of PPC campaigns to assess which ads get higher click-through rates and can effectively improve the Quality Score of your PPC.
  • Landing Pages Optimization- Create relevant landing pages. Be sure that they are directly connected to your ad groups to avoid sending the wrong impression to your visitors that your ads are just clicked baits.

Quality Score has a direct impact on your PPC campaigns. Thus, it is important to perform best practices for Quality Score optimization. Partner with PPC service providers that can show you actual progress and can assure increased sales.


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