Search Engine Optimization

Avoiding Google Penalty (Part 1)

Conducting monthly website maintenance is significant in the digital landscape regardless of your site’s function. This is why it is important to secure a website maintenance package that includes regular monitoring of your site’s development.

Avail website security and maintenance services that are tailored to your brand’s online needs. It is important that you partner with a site maintenance provider that employs the latest web development techniques to level up your brand’s digital pursuits. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your partner website security and maintenance services provider knows how to keep your site penalty-free.

How to avoid Google Penalty

Avoiding Google PenaltyThere are two reasons Google might penalize your website: either your website does not prioritize users’ online experience, or you employed shady search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to elevate your site’s online ranking. Apply the following practices to avoid getting penalized by Google.

  1. Avoid automatically generated content
    This is one of the penalty-inducing practices that is easily identified by Google. These are contents that contain irrelevant and out-of-place passages that consist of target keywords. Using automatically generated write-ups jeopardizes the quality of your content.

  2. Develop original content
    Google prioritizes users’ online experience. Hence, it is imperative that you develop and provide original content that is both helpful and relevant to online users. Keep in mind that Google penalizes web pages that have no or little authenticity.

  3. Avoid “scraped content”
    Scraped content pertains to materials published on your site that are taken from other web sources. Google penalizes republishing, slightly modifying, and replicating scraped content without providing additional or valuable information to improve the quality of the material.
  4. Refrain from cloaking
    Cloaking is an SEO technique wherein the online user gets a different content or information from the Googlebot. It is an act of presenting various URL or site content to deceive search engines; typically done by hackers to cover their tracks. Keep in mind that tricking Google does no good as it will always discover your shady.Be wary as cloaking may result to your site being blacklisted.

  5. Avoid link scheming
    Link scheming is the manipulation of inbound and outbound links. It includes trading money or goods and services for links, excessive link exchanges, large-scale marketing, and using automated programs to create site links.

Avail a quality and reliable website maintenance package to secure your online presence. Partner with Mystech Dynamics, Inc. and ensure your site remains free from Google penalties.


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