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5 Reasons Why Your Website Redesign Failed

Website redesign serves many purposes. You can use it to revamp your website’s aesthetics, improve your site performance, or add a new feature that your original site layout cannot accommodate. When planned and implemented properly, it can do wonders for your online presence.

Website redesigns, however, do not always produce positive results. Instead of improving your online visibility, it might decrease your leads, traffic, and overall income. And, since you already spent a lot on redesigning your site, the best you can do is to minimize its aftermath. In most cases, however, not even the best web maintenance services provider can lessen the impact.

Why did your website redesign fail?

Website Redesign Failed

If your redesign project failed to deliver the results you expected, it is probably because…

  1. You neglected your SEO.

A website redesign usually demands downtime period. This, however, does not necessarily mean that you should put your SEO campaigns on hold. With your website temporarily inaccessible, you need to take extra measures to maintain your search engine ranking. Stopping your SEO campaigns will only speed up your leads, traffic, and ranking loss.

  1. You sacrificed functionality for aesthetic appeal.

Making aesthetic appeal the center of your website redesign can compromise your site performance. For instance, it can lead you to go overboard with your visual elements.

This can slow down your site speed and reduce your user experience. It can also make your website inaccessible to mobile users.

  1. You got rid of the wrong things.

Removing faulty or obsolete site elements is a part website redesign. It is a great way to make room for new features and streamline your site performance. You just have to be careful of what you remove. Make sure that you do not take out a component that was actually contributing significantly to your traffic. To avoid this mistake, consult your web maintenance services provider to find out which elements need to go.

  1. You did not consider the metrics of your original website when you redesigned it.

Your main goal when you redesign your website should be to improve it, not just for your business but for target audience as well. To accomplish this, you must identify the components that need improvement. Examine your website metrics. If the web maintenance package you got provides regular updates about your site’s performance, consider their data during your planning period.

  1. You made drastic changes

Study your analytics. If your website has enjoyed good traffic for a long time, making drastic changes in its organization or appearance may not be the way to go. It can turn off long-time visitors and decrease your traffic. A radical change can also lead you to stray from your business branding.

You can easily avoid most of these mistakes if you maximize your web maintenance package. Consider their analytic reports when you plan your website redesign to guarantee its success.

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6 Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

A website is one of the best investments you can make for your business. If developed and optimized properly, it can do wonders for your brand’s return on investment and online visibility. This is the reason why getting topnotch web design development services should be your priority if you intend to launch your business website.

Contrary to popular belief, web design is not just about a website’s aesthetic appeal. It must contribute to the site’s functionality and showcase the brand’s personality. Simply creating a website will not get you these results. You must partner with a web design development services provider that knows how to attract visitors and elevate click-through-rates with customized layouts.

Importance of Website Redesign

Redesigning a website is a great opportunity to redefine your digital marketing strategies. It goes beyond giving a website a fresh new look or updating your web contents. To maximize your website redesign, you must think about all the possible implications it can have on your online presence. It is a big decision—one that has a huge impact on your overall business operations.


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Why Brands Will Never Go Wrong with Animations

In this fast-evolving digital world, it is important to look for a web development company that can translate your vision into reality.

What keeps a web development company forward?

Go Wrong with Animations

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Applying On-point Typography to Web Design

Whether you own a budding business or a thriving enterprise, it is crucial that you make the most out of today’s digital marketing platforms. Quality SEO services can take your search engine rank to new heights. Hence, hiring a competitive SEO company is one of the surefire ways to elevate online brand authority.

Aside from partnering with an exceptional SEO company, tailoring your website’s aesthetic elements to your target audience can also attract and increase potential clients. Customized visual qualities – from your site theme and color scheme to your embedded graphics and design choice – highlights your brand personality. Moreover, optimizing certain design elements can also boost your search engine ranking. Securing an SEO services provider that also specializes in web design services will definitely prove advantageous for your online marketing ventures.

Powerful website visual elements are not always congruent to bold colors and vibrant images. Sometimes, the on-point optimization of subtle details can trump intricate designs.

Typography and Web Design  

typography in web design

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Four Common Web Design Issues

How many websites do you think are created and launched daily? What makes these sites successful? Is it the design? A number of engagements? Content? Web development companies will tell you that all of these are contributing factors to a site’s success. Well, they are right. They will also warn you of possible problems that may arise with poor web design practices, such as the following:

  1. Browser compatibility11701262 - colorful internet browser

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Website

Starting a website can be complicated. There may be web domains that you can use for free, it doesn’t mean that you are competent to make a website. Looking at websites, you might think that they are just images and texts combined, that is not the case. A website should be distinctive, modern, visually appealing, and be uniquely yours.

Successful business woman working at the office

5 things you need to know before starting a website:

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Why Web Design Services is Necessary to your Online Business

Any business – big or small – can be quite convenient to set up these days. You get a product, find a target market, have visually appealing photos, write compelling articles and voila, you got an online business. Online business mostly rely on digital marketing to make their brands known all through social media, mobile apps, online advertisements and more. It is essential to make your website an exceptional representation of your products and services.

Why Web Design Services is Necessary to your Online Business

When it comes to online business, first thing to remember is to make your website interesting in terms of the layout and content. The total look should be creative and innovative. It is like making a good impression. You need to ensure that when a visitor meets your website for the first time, he would be interested, happy and satisfied with everything he sees and can navigate with ease. You don’t have to spend millions of pesos for digital marketing. Digital marketing simply starts with the basic – your website.

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